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Made this during a session of Workshop Wednesday (now been rebranded to: Workshops and What Nots)! This specific event was a special collaboration that we tested out and it allowed … Continue reading

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The Egg Buddies Graduate!

I didn’t get a chance to make as many cards as I hoped for convocation but I did manage to get one in! This egg buddie card for Sindy (I … Continue reading

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DIY Sharpie Stickers

I went to visit Stephanie and Greg at their new workplace! Which was honestly SO COOL. So much machinery and tools to make literally everything. It would be such a … Continue reading

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The importance of keepsakes and memories

This weekend has definitely been an exciting one for me! My entire university journey wrapped up as I walked across that stage. I was definitely all smiles as I had … Continue reading

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Instagram Photo Stand

This is a gift I made for my co-worker who loves taking photos with his instagram! He is one of the sweetest people I’ve met! You can take a glance … Continue reading

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Personalized Jar for Steph

This is a present I made for one of my friend’s birthday/graduation. Steph is an amazing individual who I have been very lucky to have learnt so much from! I … Continue reading

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Polaroid Magnet Bookmarks

These are magnet bookmarks that were influenced from some similar bookmark magnets that ken got me as a souvenir from one of his trips. The ones he got me were … Continue reading

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Monthly Crafty Creations

This is the first Monthly Crafty Creations Instructions! :) I met Samantha at a recent craft party  and we quickly became friends because we both had a love for creating … Continue reading

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The Beginning of an Etsy / Crafts Store

After the first day of Orientation, I came by to Erica‘s house to pick up some Mario stuff for a costume for the next day. I stayed for a bit … Continue reading

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Personalized IATSU Cards

These are some cards that Me and Justin made for our IATSU (Interactive Arts and Technology Student Union) Team to thank them for doing such a great job with FroshOne … Continue reading

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Inspirational Posters

There are some inspirational posters that I made for Ms.Birkenhead, my all time biggest role model and one of my favourite people ever <3 I was super lucky to have … Continue reading

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How to Create a Jewellery Stand

I went to the Vancouver Etsy Craft Party on Friday night and it was so much fun! It was my first time at a Craft Event and I wasn’t sure … Continue reading

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Giant Pins

I was at max happiness when creating these pins at the Vancouver Etsy Craft Party on Friday evening. I just finished my postcard/board thing and was onto the next table, … Continue reading

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Since I designed the O-Guide this year, Candy asked me to design the box for the pins. I created it to the same brand as the OGuide. I love creating … Continue reading

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How to Make a Yoshi Costume

Orientation <3 One of my all time favourite things in this world! I love everything about it, especially the crazy massive amount of energy that everyone has! This was my … Continue reading

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This is the O-Guide that I was lucky to be asked to design! :) As I’ve probably mentioned a few times, Orientation is one of my favourite things! I love … Continue reading

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DaveO’s Binder

On August 18th, I woke up at 7:30am after a late night sleepover with some of my closest friends. Even though I slept 4 hours, I woke up completely energized … Continue reading

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Community Family as TinTin

This is a present I worked on with Steph for Dave‘s birthday. Dave LOVES tintin and we thought it’d be awesome to recreate our community team as characters of TinTin! … Continue reading

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3D Whale Painting

This painting actually started in May when I went to a canvas painting class with Anna. I bought a groupon for this class about a year before using it. It … Continue reading

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An Octopus Friend

Was hanging out with Judy (my friend from elementary who I used to always do crafty, artsy, and random things with!) and we felt like doing something crafty. We ended up … Continue reading

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Sechelt Card

This is a card that was created for the District of Sechelt Council before our visit to meet Mayor John Henderson. Ken and I were invited to Sechelt to give … Continue reading

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Stella & Charles’ Card

This is a card that me and Ken made for our friends Stella and Charles who recently got married! They’re an extremely funny and creative couple and we were SUPER … Continue reading

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Monster Owly

This is Monster Owly! You may have seen him in many HootClub videos :) Me and my craft buddy, Erica wanted to sew owl pillows together. We met up at … Continue reading

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Square Totoro Pillow

This is a square totoro pillow I made for Ken because when we first met his display picture on Facebook was of totoro! Erica and Trini were influenced by these … Continue reading

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Sechelt the Penguin

This Summer, Ken and I were lucky enough to name a penguin! Penguins are my favourite animals, so when the Vancouver Aquarium held a contest asking for submissions of possible … Continue reading

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Grad Balloons for Ken!

These are balloons that I made for Ken‘s Graduation. I think balloons are amazing, especially because of the movie Up so I got super excited when I planning this project! … Continue reading

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Big In Japan Banner

This was a banner was made by me and Paulina for a Johnson‘s Good-bye party! Johnson our super pro and super tall friend got a job in Japan and was going … Continue reading

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Hoot Tea Bag Application

Wow, I dont even know where to start with this one because theres so much to say about it. This is my resume and application for HootSuite. I was really … Continue reading

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How to Create Personalized Tea Bags

These are teabags that I created for my boyfriend for his Valentine’s day present. I was super excited to make these because I love packaging design and knew that he … Continue reading

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Science Co-op Thank Yous

These are some cards that I made for my Science Co-op team before saying goodbye to them after my 4 month term. My Science Co-op team was amazing!! <3 They … Continue reading

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This is another painting that I did for fun. Up is one of my all-time favourite movies. I love everything about it, especially the relationship with carl and ellie <3 … Continue reading

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How to Make a Mike Wazowski (Monster’s Inc) Costume

Dressing up for halloween is always so much fun! I really didn’t want to spend money on a halloween costume so I decided to work with what I had at … Continue reading

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Mike Wazowski

I am a huge fan of Monster’s Inc and decided to draw/paint Mike Wazowski for fun. It was influenced from my Mike Wazowski halloween costume that I made for halloween. … Continue reading

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How to Create a Yarn Ball

This is a yarn ball I created during a crafts day at my house with some close SFU friends! On a nice summer day, we came together, made a visit … Continue reading

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How to Create an Inspiration Board

This is my inspiration board that I made with some leftover boards we had from a project. This board is constantly being added to and currently has more on it … Continue reading

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