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How to Create a Yarn Ball

Yarn Ball LampYarn Ball Close UpThis is a yarn ball I created during a crafts day at my house with some close SFU friends! On a nice summer day, we came together, made a visit to the dollar store, and decided to create some awesome yarn ball lamps! For many of us (especially me) these “lamps” just became yarn balls lamps! There are various sites of crafters teaching us how to make them. It was so long ago that I don’t remember what site we worked off of. Either way, its super easy to do and i’ll just write out the instructions from what I did :)

How to Create a Yarn Ball

– Yarn
– Balloon
– Glue (Lots of it!)


1. You blow up the balloon as big as you want your lamp/ball

2. Cover the yarn with glue and wind it all around the balloon. (If you’re making a lamp, draw a circle for the opening and make sure you don’t let any strings invade this circle. It will be the opening for the lightbulb)

3. Keep covering it until you’re satisfied, use a lot of glue!

4. Let it dry overnight

5. Pop the balloon! :)

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