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Science Co-op Thank Yous

Science Co-op CardsScience Co-op CardsScience Co-op Cards
These are some cards that I made for my Science Co-op team before saying goodbye to them after my 4 month term. My Science Co-op team was amazing!! <3 They are some of the kindest people I’ve ever met! They also have giant personalities and are always joking and having fun! They’re like family to each other and I
was very lucky to be part of it. They gave me endless support, feedback and advice throughout my co-op term. I miss them very much!
These are 6 of the 10 cards that I made. I tried to include things that related closely to every one of them. I sketched them by hand, took a photo of my sketch and retraced it using illustrator. I then printed them out on brown paper (i love brown paper!) and pasted them on cardboard and cut them out. They really liked their cards and even asked me to create them a little poster to put in their display case! :)

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