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How to Create Personalized Tea Bags

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These are teabags that I created for my boyfriend for his Valentine’s day present. I was super excited to make these because I love packaging design and knew that he would really like this present. There are 40 tea bags in total, all unique. I also created a few bigger hot chocolate packages because he is a huge fan of Hot Chocolate too. There are four different tea flavours: Earl Grey, Breakfast Blend, Green Tea, and Matcha Green Tea. Every Teabag has an illustration or photograph of moments we had together. On the back are descriptions of these moments. Each tea also has a teatag inside stringed to the teabag with a heart and the type of tea. The best part was giving it to him and seeing him look through every tea bag :) This eventually led me to a tea resume which I will blog about later! :D

How to Personalized Tea Bags

– Teabags
– Paper
– Glue
– Scissors
– Adobe Illustrator and a Printer (not necessarily needed but was what I used)


1. Measure the Teabag you are creating and find a the right size to create your tea bags. Mine was 5.8 inches by 2.6 inches

2. Design teabag’s fronts and backs

3. Print them out on paper

4. Cut and glue the little tags for the teas

5. Cut, glue and wrap the packaging around the tea bag. (Be very patient! It takes a while for the glue to stick. I clipped butterfly clips along the sides while waiting for it to stick, so that I didn’t have to hold it the whole time.)

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