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Grad Balloons for Ken!

Graduation BalloonsThese are balloons that I made for Ken‘s Graduation. I think balloons are amazing, especially because of the movie Up so I got super excited when I planning this project! I drew the illustrations first on illustrator and then tried to figure out how I would stick them onto the balloons. The way that I did it was actually “plan B”, I’m not even entirely sure what plan A was – sticking pieces of paper and fabric to make each part? Haha! The paper was almost too heavy to even stay up but it turned out just right :)

I was super excited to make him a big card as well because I wanted to see him hold the card of him holding the balloons, while holding balloons! HEHE. I had a lot of fun creating this because I got to get the images printed from SFSS Print shop from one of my favourite staff members, Nancy! Then there was the journey of the helium balloons! The dollar store didn’t sell them so I ended up at Safeway and got to meet one of the nicest Safeway staff ever! She reassured me by saying that if the balloons died overnight, I could come in and get new ones! (I didn’t have to). Then I had to bring the balloons home in a giant garbage bag on the bus. It was fun! :D

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