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Sechelt the Penguin

This Summer, Ken and I were lucky enough to name a penguin! Penguins are my favourite animals, so when the Vancouver Aquarium held a contest asking for submissions of possible names for their 7 new penguins, I knew that we had to enter it. I found the contest on Facebook, told Ken about it, and not too long after, we were putting together a motion graphic to try and win the contest. The thing that made me really want to win was the awesome prize of a VIP visit with the penguins!

The contest asked participants to submit names of towns or cities in BC that would make a good name and why. We thought of Sechelt because it was a place we visited last year that we really enjoyed. It was easy for us to come up with reasons why Sechelt would be a perfect name. We created a motion graphic, submitted it, and waited for the results! We were super excited when we found out that we won! Sechelt was featured on the Vancouver Aquarium blog as well as front page on the Coast Reporter!

Within a few weeks of winning, we were contacted by the District of Sechelt Council and were invited to come and meet Mayor John Henderson for lunch. We were asked to present our Sechelt motion graphic and the story behind it at one of their Council meetings. We enjoyed our second visit to Sechelt just as much as the first! John and Connie were super sweet and really made us feel welcomed. We even got to ride in Mayor John’s awesome Tesla electric car which was super fast!

We’re super happy to have named Sechelt. If any of you end up visiting the Vancouver Aquarium, Sechelt is the one with the brown and yellow bead! (: You can even watch over her from the live cam!
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One comment on “Sechelt the Penguin

  1. Marina Tostes
    October 1, 2012

    This is so awesome!! Penguins are also my favourite animals :)

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