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Monster Owly

This is Monster Owly! You may have seen him in many HootClub videos :) Me and my craft buddy, Erica wanted to sew owl pillows together. We met up at a super amazing fabric store called Spool of Thread. This place is AMAZING! I walked in and immediately got this super nice and excited feeling knowing we were going to start a project that day! Every single piece of fabric at that place is super pretty. I felt like it was scrapbooking paper in a different form! The prices are expensive there but we couldn’t help but buy a bunch of various patterns. I wish I was rich so I could just buy a huge amount of fabric from this place.

So we ended up at my house and began sewing our owls. I had one goal in mind: Make a GIANT owly. We often put owls in the videos that we make at work and I noticed that we were missing a big one so I had a huge urge to make one. I made it similar to the knitted owly we have. We used our super tiny sewing machine (which I bought in first year but never used!) to create our owls. I also would like to give a shout out to Ken, who was sweet enough to offer to buy stuffing for me since he knew I didn’t have time to <3 We had to stuff Monster Owly with TWO giant bags of stuffing! It was green environmental stuffing too :) Nowadays you can find Monster Owly hanging out in the community room at the HootSuite office.

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