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Stella & Charles’ Card

This is a card that me and Ken made for our friends Stella and Charles who recently got married! They’re an extremely funny and creative couple and we were SUPER excited for their wedding! Stella is super sweet and filled with the biggest personality ever. You can’t help but laugh every time you hear Stella’s contagious laugh from across the room! Charles is super funny, always cracking jokes and funny stores, making those around him laugh until their cheeks hurt!

We wanted to recreate their Facebook photo that they previously got 211 likes on! 211 LIKES! Thats a whole lot of likes! Ken drew Charles and I drew Stella. We wanted to show the contrast between big white Charles and tiny cute little filipino Stella! HEHE. We digitally drew their illustrations and pasted it on top of scrapbooking paper. I also love wrapping, so I was super excited to wrap their present! Oh! and their wedding was AMAZING and SO BEAUTIFUL! <3

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