Creative Messes

Crafty Projects and the Messes that Come with Them

3D Whale Painting

3D WhaleThis painting actually started in May when I went to a canvas painting class with Anna. I bought a groupon for this class about a year before using it. It brought us to some random and quite deserted place far away in burnaby somewhere! The trip there and back was a journey of its own as we had to ask people for directions as well as get stranded for almost half an hour at the bus stop!

The class was not as educational as I expected it to be. It was more like, here is  canvas, plaster and paint, you can do whatever you want. The cool part was getting to use plaster as a way to create texture on the painting. If you look closely you can see that we used stencils to create texture! I painted, repainted, tried to fix by erasing and did multiple random things to my painting to leave with an extremely ugly painting. I wish I had a photo of it! “Interesting” was what people thought of it. I wasn’t at all proud of the painting I had!

A few months later I decided to fix up my painting and this is what came out of it. Mr. 3D Whale! :) I made this the same day I did the octopus painting! They’re extremely kiddish. Sometimes I feel like I can’t go wrong when I draw in that style!

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