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Community Family as TinTin

Community TinTin RemakeDaveO's Present WrappedThis is a present I worked on with Steph for Dave‘s birthday. Dave LOVES tintin and we thought it’d be awesome to recreate our community team as characters of TinTin! Ah, I am very happy to be part of this team! Everyone is super supportive, fun, and always ALWAYS works as a team. Everyone loves the work that they do and the team that we’re part of, and I was lucky enough to spend the last 4 months with these people! Dave loved the present and its now hanging up on his TinTin wall at home!

This was a joint effort so I drew half the characters and Steph drew the other half! We drew everyone using illustrator, put it together, printed it and framed it. We then got to be cartoon characters for a day and wore our “outfits” to work! We took a picture and recreated the illustrated photo as closely as possible. The wrapping paper was taken from tintin comics online and printed and used to wrap the gift. I always top off my gifts off with an imperfect bow and a tag (:

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