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How to Make a Yoshi Costume

Yoshi CostumeYoshi CostumeOrientation <3 One of my all time favourite things in this world! I love everything about it, especially the crazy massive amount of energy that everyone has! This was my 3rd year being an Orientation Leader and it was just as amazing and magical as the previous years! Its such a rewarding experience, and you get to meet so many people. I got to team up with Megan who is super awesome! The theme this year was “timeline”, meaning we could do pretty much anything we wanted. Every team had creative and super awesome costumes and cheers. Our team (Team OneDerful) decided to go with video games. It made my day to see a bunch of my clanees dressed up (: It was tons of fun and we ended up winning best dressed for our Video Game Themed costumes! (:

What I enjoyed so much about making this costume was having to work with what I had. I came home with balloons and a rough plan but was hoping to just piece together a costume with what I had at home. It pretty much forced me to be creative and work with what I had. The process wasn’t that smooth though, i was sewing and unsewing things together before coming up with the perfect solution.

How to Make a Yoshi Costume

How to Create a Yoshi Costume

– A Green Hoodie
– 3 Green balloons
– A Pillow, preferably a circular one
– String (Mine was taking from a drawstring backpack)
– A Red Piece of Fabric (Mine was cut from a free XL T-shirt)
– Pieces of White Paper
– Pieces of Red Paper
– Tape
– Butterfly Clips
– Needle & Thread (Safety Pins or Hot Glue Gun would work too)
– Sharpie for Nostrils


1. Blow up that balloons, one big one for the nose and two small ones for the eyes

2. Cut paper to create the eyes and tape them on. I printed my eyes out but drawing them with marker would’ve worked too.

3. Draw nostrils onto Yoshi’s nose

4. Cut up the red shirt/fabric so that it will cover the entire pillow

5. Sew the fabric together to cover the pillow

6. Sew the string onto the pillow so that it can be worn like a backpack.

7. Crumple up white paper and tape it around the shell to create the outer white part of the shell

8. Cut the red spikes of Yoshi from red paper

9. Clip them onto the hoodie by using butterflies from inside the hoodie.

10. Glue the balloon eyes and nose onto the hoodie’s hood.

3 comments on “How to Make a Yoshi Costume

  1. Kennett Kwok
    September 1, 2012

    Adorable :)

  2. Annie Chu
    September 4, 2012

    good job (how did i even find this)

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