Creative Messes

Crafty Projects and the Messes that Come with Them

Giant Pins

PinsI was at max happiness when creating these pins at the Vancouver Etsy Craft Party on Friday evening. I just finished my postcard/board thing and was onto the next table, the Button Making Table! It was crowded with crafters piecing together their buttons as well. They had the hugest stack of beautiful scrapbooking paper, as well as ribbon, maps, photographs and pens for us to use! Although it was hard to move, extremely busy, and almost impossible to find scissors, I really couldn’t have been happier! I’m pretty sure we all wished we had the entire table to ourselves to make as many buttons as we wanted (cause that would be a dream come true!). There was 2 sizes of buttons, a giant one and a tiny one. Of course I went for the Giant one! I made two with my favourite papers :) If you’re a crafter and you haven’t been to a craft party before, I highly suggest you go to one or even better, plan one yourself! Its so much fun!!! :D

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