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Personalized IATSU Cards

Illustrated Cards made on Brown PaperThese are some cards that Me and Justin made for our IATSU (Interactive Arts and Technology Student Union) Team to thank them for doing such a great job with FroshOne and IATSU! This was made over weeks ago, right after the FroshOne event in early September. We really wanted to make sure they felt appreciated for the amazing work that they did and that they felt proud of themselves for it! Each one is unique and specific to each person, either to their role or who they are as a person. We also wanted to make it super fun for them by hiding the cards in the IATSU room for them to find. Unfortunately, I think I hid them too hard for 13 people shoved in a tiny room to enjoy searching!

To make these cards, I first drew them with a sharpie on a regular sheet of paper. I then took a photo of them with my camera and imported them onto the computer. I then used illustrator to live-trace them and colour them. I then printed it on brown paper (my absolute favourite! ps. thank you Ken for buying me some!) to add that final crafty touch to them. I think the part that took the longest was coming up with clever things to draw that would relate to the committee/exec. I then quickly made envelopes to put the cards in with coloured paper and double sided tape.Illustrated cards made on Brown PaperThe Envelopes and Messiness

3 comments on “Personalized IATSU Cards

  1. Kennett Kwok (@kennettkwok)
    September 27, 2012

    I really really like these cards. They are meaningful and cute! Haha imagine if you turned these into sticker designs too! :)

  2. fayegreendesign
    October 6, 2012

    Your images are fantastic! Not just on these, but on the bookmarks as well. I adore the drawings your guys come up with!

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