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The Beginning of an Etsy / Crafts Store

Crafting Supplies

After the first day of Orientation, I came by to Erica‘s house to pick up some Mario stuff for a costume for the next day. I stayed for a bit and had the chance to catch up with one of my closest friends from high school. She is super creative and is always making amazing stuff and has been my craft buddy for a while! We used to be obsessed with scrapbooking and have also worked on things such as square pillows and owl plushies. We had a good talk about life, including crafts! Somewhere in that conversation we decided that we really wanted to start a crafts store.

We both found that we make crafts often for other people as a way to relax. It really gets your mind off the stresses of life and puts you in a calm and happy feeling. Many of our projects are usually for our boyfriends :P. We thought a crafts store would really give us an excuse and reason to make things. Not too long after, we met up and came up with a huge list of ideas of things we could possibly make in the future! Our focus is not to make money but to make whatever we want! So for that reason, our crafts store will not be focused on anything specific, instead it will just have projects that we were inspired to make :). These are some of the supplies that we now have in stock that you may see in future projects. Our biggest goal is to one day have a booth at a crafts fair to sell our stuff!

Now we’re trying our best to meet every week to stay creative, happy, and stress free!

I’ll also be posting the pictures of our crafting journey.

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