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Polaroid Magnet Bookmarks

Polaroid Bookmark Magnets

These are magnet bookmarks that were influenced from some similar bookmark magnets that ken got me as a souvenir from one of his trips. The ones he got me were pirate themed. Since Ken and I both really love polaroids, I decided to make him a couple polaroid themed bookmarks for him to use. The front of the bookmark are different types of polaroids. One of them is the polaroid have, 3 of them are the ones he currently has, and 1 is one that he really wants to someday get! I made the polaroids in the back with some things that are important to us :)

I drew the images in illustrator, printed them out, laminated them, glued magnets on both sides, and voila! Bookmark magnets! :) In the future me and my friend Erica plan to sell these (but make them personalized for the buyer) at our future etsy store!

Polaroid Bookmark Magnets FrontPolaroid Bookmark Magnets Back

2 comments on “Polaroid Magnet Bookmarks

  1. Kennett Kwok (@kennettkwok)
    October 7, 2012

    Hehe thanks for these! I have to find multiple places to use them! I really like the white one.

  2. Marti
    October 7, 2012

    I love that! I would love for you to post to SHOW-licious Sunday Craft Showcase! Just follow this link :)

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