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The Egg Buddies Graduate!

Egg Buddy Cards

I didn’t get a chance to make as many cards as I hoped for convocation but I did manage to get one in! This egg buddie card for Sindy (I made the one on the right and she made the one on the left!). We’ve been egg buddies for almost as long as we’ve been friends and it all started with the egg song. SUCH a cute song! :) It was nice knowing she was graduating the same day as me (although at different times), because it reminded me of high school!

I made this card with Karen & Melinda as part of our ‘typewriter club’ hangout! Although I didn’t actually use the typewriter :P Instead I used some of mine and Karen’s wishiwashi tape at the bottom of the card and then drew the rest with markers! Nothing fancy!

2 comments on “The Egg Buddies Graduate!

  1. kennettkwok
    June 18, 2013

    Super cute :)

  2. elsyhamee
    November 2, 2014

    I want to ask your permission..
    can I share?

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